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A three-week road trip through Norway, who does not dream about that? My partner and I had an early summer holiday this year. And after a holiday free summer last year, we wanted to make the most out of it. We were going on a three-week-long trip through Norway. Visiting all the places we want to see, camping wherever we wanted and the most important part; relaxing. 

The first few days of our holiday was mostly filled with massive rain showers and a lot of driving. Spending the first few days covering some distance allowed us to spend more time in the areas we were most excited about. By the time we reached Lindesnes, the most southern point of Norway, we did not only started to slow down, but the sun also started to come out. It felt a bit special, driving and camping in the rain for three days, but the second we parked the car, the sun came through.

Norway’s most famours fjord, the Lysefjord – Kjeragbolten

The next stop on our road trip through Norway was the famous Lysefjord. This fjord harbours three very famous tourist attractions; Preikostolen, Kjeragbolten and Floerli stairs. The first two we did, but the 4444 stairs we happily skipped. We hiked Kjeragbolten first, starting with the hardest hike. The hike to the hanging rock is 10 km with an elevation gain of 570 meters. So far, it does not sound too bad. But they all failed to mention that you had to cross two other mountaintops AND valleys before reaching the rock on the third mountain top. I fully understand why this hike is marked as a red hike, meaning that it should not be attempted by people without sufficient experience. On average, people need six hours to go to the rock and back, including a small break by the rock to snap some pictures.

But the big question is, is it was worth it? To be honest, this was a ‘do it once in your life’ It was a beautiful hike, but so incredibly tough. Most of the hike was só steep that you had to climb up on hands and knees and go down on your but to make sure you would not trip. And I am not brave enough to step on that rock again. I needed my partner to help to get on and off as I convinced myself that I would be the first to die due to falling off the rock :). But I am also so happy I did it! The memories will last forever, and I have the pictures to prove that I did step on the rock. 

The famous Lysefjord – Preikostolen

The very next day we decided to go and hike the other famous place, Preikostolen. This rock sticks out over the fjord, giving you an amazing few over Lysefjord. This hike was a lot friendlier, with less climbing and actual trails in most places. It was a lot busier on this place as the season for this hike starts earlier. The hike is less high and therefore also less snow. But as we were still very early in the season with closed borders, there was more than enough space for everybody on the trail and the viewpoint. And the views were absolutely breathtaking. The intense blue water and mountains as far as your eyes can see.

The Atlantic puffins

After our intense days hiking the mountains at the end of Lysefjord, we took the ferry back to continue our road trip through Norway. We were planning to go further up north to visit Runde island. But first, we made a quick stop at Flogefonne national park. Here we made a short hike to a glacier lake, with gave us some truly incredible views. It has been a long dream of me to visit the puffins, and this was the most southern place to find them in Norway! We took it slow and enjoyed the view. Stopped wherever we wanted and put up the tent when we decided we drove enough. When we arrived on the island, we stayed there for two nights so that I could spend two evenings observing and photographing the puffings.

Into the mountains

After our time on Runde island, our time on the west coast came to an end. During the last 1,5/2 weeks, we spend our time between the majestic fjords, and now it was time to head into the rough mountains. We were planning on visiting different national parks, and the first one up was Jostedalsbreen. Here we made a hike to the Briksdalsbreen glacier. Seeing a glacier from up close feels so special, but all the signs along the road showing where the glacier used to be before we started heating our planet gave a painful awareness. After this hike, we were just permanently tired, We were no longer in the mood to go for more hikes.

So we switched it up and went horse riding. I have been horseriding half my life, but my partner has only been on a horse once before. But the terrain did not allow for any crazy horseriding anyway. So we had a nice and slow trip high up in the mountains, giving us amazing views. Unfortunately, no moose or reindeer…

The last few days of our road trip through Norway we spend in the mountains just enjoying the views from the car and viewpoints, our legs were too tired for any more rough mountain terrain. We took it nice and slow while we passed Brehiemen national park and Jotunheimen national park. The tourist road that goes in between these parks brought us to a staggering 1400 meters above sea level. Amazing to see and always surprised how much snow there still is high in the mountains in June. The last national park we passed was Rondane, the oldest national park in Norway, where we squeezed out a tiny waterfall hike. Even though we did not spend much time here, we both agreed that this was the park where we wanted to come back to. It was so beautiful, without the harshness of the other parks we passed. So our next road trip through Norway destination is already planned!

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