I am Geke
and currently, I am a studying Tropical ecology in Norway. Funny combination right? Studying about climates with 30+ °C, while sitting in -20 °C myself… But besides being a student, I am also a big Africa lover, a hobby photographer, a tree hugger and an animal friend. And all of that I try to combine in one website.

This website will be about my dream; working and living in Africa. Working on conserving the beautiful nature this continent has to offer. You are welcome to follow me working hard to make my dream come through.

I will tell you everything all the steps I am following to be able to get to Africa, I am telling you about all my previous travels, both for leisure as for studies. I hope I can learn you something over nature conservation and I hope to inspire you. Maybe to go and visit Africa, or to do something extra for our nature or to go out and follow your own dream.

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