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Stuck at home means no adventure?!

Covid-19 has been affecting us for several months now. With strict lockdowns in the first weeks, or even months. Almost everybody was working from home and students followed classes online. In the last weeks, restrictions have been lowered slowly. Some countries are allowed to visit for holiday this summer. But many countries, including Norway, advised staying home for the holidays this year. That means going on an adventure close by home or maybe somewhere else in your own country!

We have not been on holiday at all. We lost our job due to Corona and when we finally could return to work it was more important for us to make as much hours as possible, to make some money again.

But that does not mean we only stayed at home during our days off. We have been going on a little adventure close by home on the days that we are off work, Discovering some nice places close to the house. As we have limited time, we could not go too far. But during these trips, we found several beautiful places, that I want to show you!

A mini tropical paradise

The first, and my favourite, is like a mini tropical area in the middle of Norway. One moment you are walking in a normal forest you can find everywhere here in the region, and the other moment you entered a completely different habitat. A true adventure! There is a beautiful meandering river, firns everywhere, many bridges cross the water and this amazing little waterfall. As a big lover of the tropical forest, this is like I arrived in heaven. I never expected to find something like this here in Norway!

This little paradise is included in an official walking trail. For me personally, this part of the trail is the biggest reward of the effort. But that does not mean that the rest of the trail is not worth the walk. You walk straight along the shoreline of a big lake, with a nice variation of countryside and forest patches. And along this path, I have found the tastiest raspberries I have ever had! The whole trail was 6.5 km, which is perfect for a nice Sunday stroll. It did take us 3 hours to complete, there was so much to see along the way that we were stopping all the time.

I hope we can have more of this adventures before the winter starts. As I am not going to walk for 3 hours when it is -10 and plenty of snow.. Have you been on vacation in your own country? I hope you enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “A tropical adventure close by home in Norway”

  1. Love it and there really is no place like home! When I finally get through my past to now, the discoveries I have made in lockdown have been absolutely amazing and it really makes you wonder… Were we alway apparently too busy to notice? Was it always there?

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