So, my name is Geke and I am twenty-four years old. Born and raised in The Netherlands but currently living, working and studying in Norway.

I am the person behind ‘My road to Africa’. With the clear goal of moving to Africa to live and work there in nature conservation. Working in nature conservation has not always been my plan. When I was a young girl I always wanted to be a teacher, a midwife or a clown. And when I became a teenager I wanted to be a personal trainer.

This all changed when I took a gap year after high school and went to Madagascar to do 10 weeks of volunteer work. Part of my activities was the monitoring of the rainforest and its inhabitants. The amazing lemurs, geckoes, chameleons and all the beautiful flora. It did not took long, I was sold. I wanted to work in nature conservation, and specifically in the tropical regions.

When I came back from Madagascar I started looking for studies that could help me pursue this career. That is how I started the bachelor degree ‘Forest and Nature conservation’ with the major ‘Tropical Forestry’ back in The Netherlands. Beginning of this year, 2020, I graduated after 4,5 years of hard work! For this study I made several trips abroad, I will tell you more about them in my blog!

Now it is time for the next step! For the coming two years I will be studying ‘Tropical Ecology and Management of Natural Resources’ here in Norway. And I am so excited! Over the coming two years I will give you updates about how everything is going and my thesis will be abroad again, so hopefully, I will be able to do it in … Africa of course!

The little free time I have, besides my work and study, I like to spend in the forest, going on long hikes and enjoying all the beautiful sightings. I like to draw trees with watercolour paint and the highlight of the day is taking care of my plant collection. And now I am living in Norway, where there is some proper snow in the winter months, you can find me making head rolls and snow angels until I am too wet and cold.